PSTN test number (USA)

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I was searching for USA test number to verify voice quality when was traveling, i didn't want to bother my friends at 3 am US time, so i decided to setup my own test number. I obtain generic USA VoIP number and redirect it to my system and setup simple test extension.

I didn't use it match since when, but it is a good tool to and verify voice quality as well as how DTMF digits transmitted. Everybody are welcome to use this number. You don't have to be registered on my system, just call USA number: +1-253-753-1536 (it is not extra charge or something, just regular PSTN number)

At the main menu you it reads greeting when plays music, reads menu options, plays music again and start from the beginning (infinite loop). Useful to verify overall voice quality. You can choose from 3 options in main menu:

  1. DTMF test. Useful to verify how reliable DTMF is transmitting. You enter number and system pronounces it back. It waits for timeout after you entered number, to skip waiting enter #. To return to main menu don't enter number and wait for timeout or enter # to skip waiting.
  2. Echo test. Good test to verify network delay. Press # to return to main menu.
  3. Milliwatt test. Not sure what it's good for, but seems like telco providers still using this test. Generates continues tone 1004Hz, 0db. Press any number to return to main menu.

All voice prompts on the test number are generated by festival (speech synthesis system), so please excuse it's "robot-style" voice.